Interested in sharing your stories about growing up Muslim in Canada by means of video?



1. Submission can only be accepted from citizens or permanent residents of Canada.


2. There are no strict rules for the content of a submission, except that submissions should be relating to Muslims or Islam in Canada and address themes of identity and/or faith, citizenship, belonging, alienation, culture, and/or radicalization and extremism. Please note that all participants need not be Muslim themselves.

3. The video must be presented in English or French; a manuscript of the narration may be requested by the organizers of the MY CANADA PROJECT.

4. Submissions cannot infringe upon any legally recognized copyright or other proprietary rights. By submitting your entry to the contest, you are declaring that the entry represents your own work and does not violate the rights associated with any third party.

5. Submissions found to have violated the rights of any party, at any time, will be disqualified from use by the MY CANADA PROJECT.

6. By submitting a video to the MY CANADA PROJECT, participants agree to waive copyright to their work, and authorize the organizers to duplicate and broadcast the video/film for non-profit and awareness-raising purposes. Project participants’ credits will remain in any video shown or used in accordance with this rule.

7. All videos deemed objectionable will be disqualified. Objectionable material includes any material that promotes hate, is demeaning or derogatory, or is unduly violent or sexual in nature. Determination of objectionable material remains within the sole discretion of the MY CANADA PROJECT steering committee and the CCMW’s National Board.

8. The project coordinator will notify participants of disqualification if necessary. The project’s steering committee reserves the right to disqualify submissions at any time.

Duration of Submitted Videos

9. The duration of the video submissions shall be between 3 and 5 minutes. Submissions longer than 5 minutes but less than 8 minutes may still be considered for inclusion on the project web portal.

Participation in the MY CANADA PROJECT

12. Participation in the project by filmmaking means taking responsibility for the content and creation of the submission, as well as agreement to be bound by the submission Rules.

13. People may submit videos as individuals or in teams.

14. Submissions will be accepted throughout 2010.

Delivery Address:

Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW)
P.O. Box 154
Gananoque ON
K7G 2T7

15. The submissions must be posted with sufficient postage stamps. The project organizers will not pay to receive any submissions. Project organizers are not responsible for any lost, late, misdirected, or incomplete submissions which may limit a person’s ability to participate in the project. Proof of sending an entry is not proof of receipt by the organizers. Submissions will not be returned.

16. While all possible care will be taken in handling entries, the organizers will not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to submissions.

17. Submissions must be supplied in digital format on a DVD.

18. All submissions must be accompanied with the following information:
(a) title
(b) total running time (TRT) of the video
(c) participant’s name, address, email (if applicable) and telephone number must be provided.

19. The showing of any of the video submissions to the MY CANADA PROJECT, including the time and manner, remains the exclusive decision of the MY CANADA PROJECT organizers.


20. By submitting a video, participants agree to hold the organizers of the project harmless against any and all claims by third parties. Participants further agree to indemnify the organizers for any loss, damage or expense incurred as a result of claims made by third parties in relation to their submission or participation in the project.

21. By submitting a video, participants agree to be bound by these Rules described above.

22. The project organizers reserve the right to amend the above rules upon reasonable notice.

Governing Law

23. Interpretation of these Rules, along with all terms and conditions agreed to between the organizers and participants in the MY CANADA PROJECT, will be made in accordance with the governing laws of Ontario.


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