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My Father the Terrorist

Break Word

Noor Cultural Centre Youth Workshop

Noor is delighted to offer this new monthly program for youth aged 15 and up:

A forum on being young, being Muslim, and being Canadian – facilitated by Dr. Timothy J. Gianotti, 2008-2011 York-Noor Fellow in Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Dates: Sunday November 7

Time: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Location: Upstairs Classroom, Noor Cultural Centre

Fee: $5/session

(Next Session – Sunday December 5)

Killing With Love

My Home Town

We need to make videos that offer others a glimpse of our experience of our home towns.

Can We Talk?

The CCMW’s Muslim Youth Canada Project participated in the Governor General’s sixth and last youth dialogue series Can We Talk? in Toronto today with 500 other young leaders from across southern Ontario.

In a unified voice, many young Canadians speaking in English but also French called for new solutions to be explored to make post-secondary education more affordable. Other issues discussed included the high rates of Aboriginal youth-in-care and how to address their needs, as well as how funding arts and culture initiatives led to a 70% drop in crime rates in Winnipeg.

To learn more about the youth dialogue series, visit: