Leaders in Deed National Hunger Campaign

Are you going stand on the sidelines or do something!?

So what can YOU, as a strong, young MUSLIM do to help?

Come find out on July 17th how YOU can be part of the solution.

Learn about….
What is food security and hunger?
What is my responsibility as a Muslim?
What can I do to help?

Become a Leader in Deed in the FeedMe campaign and join us to learn about the issues and what you can do about them.

This event is FREE but space is limited | Please RSVP to: nitole@relief-works.org

Light refreshments will be provided.

*Interested participants will be encouraged to apply to attend Meal Exchange’s annual Esurio Conference in August for Youth leadership development

*Please note this event/campaign is not exclusive to Muslims, people of all faiths are welcome to participate*


FeedMe Campaign Ambassadors include:

Imam Zaid Shakir
MSA National
Imam Afroz Ali
Sofia Baig
Preacher Moss
Glendon MSA
Shaykh Faraz Rabbani
CAMP Toronto
Islamic Social Services Association
Toronto Hyderabadi Association