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The 24 Types of Libertarian

If You Can Type, You Can Make Movies

Try it out! If you make a movie related to any themes relevant to the MY CANADA Project, link them to the Project Coordinator Rizwan Mohammad:

To get started, visit:

Ron James: What Have We Become?

Canadian comic Ron James reflects on how nature and commerce impact identity in his show West Coast Wild filmed in Victoria, British Columbia.

Oh Canada!

Happy Canada Day everybody! Or should I say Happy Dominion Day? For those of you who are, like me, a little disoriented by this day of celebration – who don’t feel like going to a park to eat hot dogs, meet an MP, and get sunburned – I have posted the following clips below.

Do enjoy sleeping today. Try not to eat too much ice-cream. Love the one you’re with. Peace!

Oh Canada by Boonaa Mohammed

Canada Explained by Rick Mercer

Civic Engagement Unintentionally Parodied

The person who posted this link describes it as follows:

Defiant “protestor” is outraged when security locks down the Eaton Centre mall in downtown Toronto during the G20 summit for security concerns. This guy is hilarious, sad, nuts and profound all at the same time. Can he really be this clueless? He should be the poster-boy for corporate globalization: “Why are you doing this to us? We are the Toronto public – we want to SHOP!” A teenage passerby adds to the hilarious drama by miming the man’s desperate defiance.

Religion in the Modern World