National Forum 2009

Leadership Development 2010

Team Edmonton

Team Ottawa

Team Montreal

Team Mississauga

Team Waterloo

Team Vancouver

Interested in sharing your stories about growing up Muslim in Canada by means of a photo essay? Consider the following guidelines for submission:

1. Photos need to be high-resolution (300 dots per inch [dpi], 600 x 800 pixels)

2. Photos should be saved in .jpg format. Please do not send us links to your photos. Do not mail prints of your photos.

3. Name your photos. For example: First name_Last Name.jpg. If you are sending more than one photo, for example: First Name_Last Name1.jpg, First Name_Last Name2.jpg, and so on.

4. Tell us what your photos are about. Send a sentence or two about each photo, describing it. Be sure to include:

(a) When and where the photo was taken (city and province).
(b) The full name of the person who took the photo (this can be added when naming each photo; see point 3 above)

Photo essays should address one or more of the following themes in the context of Islam and Muslims in Canada:

(a) identity
(b) faith
(c) citizenship
(d) culture
(e) radicalization and extremism
(f) belonging

5. Submit photographs to the Project Coordinator Rizwan Mohammad at



  1. Mashallah great work to all the groups. Wish I coulda attended all of them. All this has caused a flood of ideas in my head. Hope someday we could get a chance to work together and incorporate many of these ideas, or reproduce some amazing initiatives in each of our cities.

    Peace and Blessings

    • Opportunities to fund some of your ideas might come someday sooner than you might think. Stay tuned and we’ll follow-up about where we’re at later in Spring 2011.

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