Mayor Naheed Nenshi

What was the Purple Revolution about? What did it mean to you?
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Killing With Love

Save Our Schools

Canadian Muslim youth civically engaged in Toronto. We need to make more videos like this.

Deviant Productions added the following note to provide some context for this local issue:

“The Canadian government has 1 billion dollars to spend on security for the G20 but not a dime for keeping the doors of schools open in highly racialized and lower-income neighbourhoods.”

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My Home Town

We need to make videos that offer others a glimpse of our experience of our home towns.

Can We Talk?

The CCMW’s Muslim Youth Canada Project participated in the Governor General’s sixth and last youth dialogue series Can We Talk? in Toronto today with 500 other young leaders from across southern Ontario.

In a unified voice, many young Canadians speaking in English but also French called for new solutions to be explored to make post-secondary education more affordable. Other issues discussed included the high rates of Aboriginal youth-in-care and how to address their needs, as well as how funding arts and culture initiatives led to a 70% drop in crime rates in Winnipeg.

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Hamdulillah by the Narcicyst

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Ridzdesign Presents

The Narcicyst featuring Shadia Mansour – “Hamdulillah”
Directed and Edited by Ridwan Adhami
Written by Yassin Alsalman and Shadia Mansour
Original Track produced by SandhiLL
Piano by Stefan Christoff
Additional production and arrangement by Doctor Dinar and The Narcicyst

To say ‘Hamdulillah’ is to be grateful for what one has.

The images of the past decades have cast a veil on our identity as a people. We, as international brothers and sisters, are now witness to injustice in real time. We watch our Wars in HD.

It is time for us to claim our faces back.

This video is a global collaborative effort by 10 photographers- from London to Lebanon, Cairo To Canada, Abu Dhabi to America- to create a portrait of the New Global Citizens. They are DJs, MCs, poets, architects, teachers, doctors, parents and children. Most of all they are people.

The 24 Types of Libertarian