Founded in 1982, the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) is a national organization with chapters across the country committed to the equality, equity, and empowerment of Muslim Women in Canada. The national board works to further CCMW’s vision and objectives countrywide, while local chapters are active in their communities.

CCMW believes that Muslim women must develop their Muslim identity while being a part of and making a positive contribution to Canadian society, and that they must provide positive role models for Muslim youth.

National Board

Razia Jaffer, President (Calgary)
Shaheen Ashraf (Montreal)
Salima Ebrahim (Toronto)
Saadia Gassim (Waterloo)
Najet Hassan (London)
Fauzya Talib (Ottawa)
Nuzhat Jafri (Toronto)
Solmaz Sahin (Niagara Falls)

Alia Hogben, Executive Director

Guiding Principles

• We are guided by the Quranic message of God’s mercy and justice, and of the equality of all persons, and that each person is directly answerable to God.
• We value a pluralistic society, and foster the goal of strength and diversity within a unifying vision and the values of Canada. Our identity of being Muslim women and of diverse ethnicity and race is integral to being Canadian.
• As Canadians, we abide by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the law of Canada.
• We believe in the universality of human rights, which means equality and social justice, with no restrictions or discrimination based on gender or race.
• We are vigilant in safeguarding and enhancing our identity and our rights to make informed choices amongst a variety of options.
• We acknowledge that CCMW is one voice amongst many who speak on behalf of Muslim women, and that there are others who may represent differing perspectives.
• We aim to be actively inclusive and accepting of diversity among ourselves, as Muslim women.


• To attain and maintain equality, equity and empowerment for all Canadian Muslim women.
• To promote Muslim women’s identity in the Canadian context.
• To assist Muslim women to gain an understanding of their rights, responsibilities and roles in Canadian society.
• To promote and encourage rapprochement and interfaith dialogue between Muslims and other faith communities.
• To contribute to Canadian society the knowledge, life experiences and ideas of Muslim women for the benefit of all.
• To strengthen the bonds of sisterhood among the Muslim communities and among Muslim individuals.
• To stimulate Islamic thinking and action among Muslim women in the Canadian setting.
• To acknowledge and respect the cultural differences among Canadian Muslim women, and to recognize and develop our common cultural heritage.
• To promote a better understanding of Islam and the Islamic way of life in the North American setting.
• To represent Canadian Muslim women at national and international forums.
• To encourage the organization and coordination of Muslim women’s organizations across Canada.


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